Considering coming back to play

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: Left the server due to players exploiting game mechanics at the start of the last season, and lost roughly about 3 days of solid mining on GG between 4 players.
Player(s) with issue: Myself VIK-Ragnar and VIK members
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): Along time ago
Playfield: GG
Structure Name(s): Cant remember and wiped from HWS
Structure ID(s): Same as above
How can we help you now: Hi @RexXxuS, So - I know you may not wish to be wanting to hire staff, due to all sorts of complications which I can understand, However, I would very much like to come back and play Empyrion, I could go join another server, but tbh all my game time has been on HWS, and I dont like the thought of going to another server so I would rather not play again. Saying this, I do feel somewhat cheated out of 3 days of solid mining on GG, with my vehicles getting blown up too due to an exploit (It is still an exploit as turrets shooting through terrain has been a known issue for awhile, Regardless of whether the terrain had loaded in or not) - So, to keep it short and sweet, I am going to ask, if you would provide a Draupnir CV and a HV along with tools (unless that still comes with fa:supply) - This would encourage me to come back and play Empyrion and your server, A draupnir would also be suitable for if any of my members wished to come back and play again, We could re-build from there.

I understand, Purely you have no obligation to do this - I am asking because I am hoping you will see just how devastating it is to lose things in this way (And not in the usual PvP manner) - And I would very much like to come play with my online squaddies (Alliance bitches and cannon fodder :P) again. However - I really cannot pull myself through to start over again, Only to have the risk of if taken in such a way again.

BTW - Nice overhaul with the connect 3.0 - It looks more clean and well done now :slight_smile:



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Don’t worry, the turrets still shooting through the terrain still happens, but now they cannot shoot if they are below the terrain surface (turrets under original terrain level don’t fire, must be on or above terrain to fire).

I don’t think Rex has to give you anything to entice you to play here, but if so then I want a damn Diablo with 21 Homing rockets, because I said so :laughing:

If you want to join that’s your decision, but asking for gifts, if you receive them I will do everything I can to find and destroy them.

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Well in that case, I’m gonna need a Frankenstein too :joy::joy::joy:

I welcome the opportunity of you all coming to find me if he gives me one, I was going to go all out and ask for everything we lost back, however that is impossible :slight_smile:

Nevertheless - It was lost due to a known bug via exploiting… I should get something for such an act of negative gameplay. It’s not my fault Eleon cannot code , nor is it rex’s - However, ignoring it is never going to resolve it either :slight_smile:

Didn’t you ask for things to be fixed at the time of the exploit? As far as I can tell, only hitscan turrets have been shotting through terrain for all of 7.0.

Yup, was chasing down one of your tunnels under GG terrain and got killed by turrets above. No way in hell there was a clear shot, it clipped through the terrain. After that I stepped back further and was killed by explosion.

Good job eleon!

Since we are all making demand…

I demand Ranzeth’s in-game taint to be plagued with a thousand STDs!

First things first: We / I are / am really happy to see people playing on HWS. It is appreciated and motivates us in what we are doing.




But by no means is this something we force, rely on or can be threaten by. Everyone who plays on HWS do it voluntary and at his / her own will.
If you have a problem with HWS? Go. If you don’t like what we do and only complain? Go. If you can’t handle Alpha games and losses? Go. And so on…
That is actually already the TL;DR.

About your case:

You know more than me then. Getting professional good staff is very hard. And not even the fact how much you need to handle and endure but also because all the hater and thieves HWS has.
But it got a lot better with the Police, with better tool support with each update.

I remember something about turrets shooting through ground in your case and I explained already that was not an intentional abuse of an exploit by others but just a bug which happens on daily basis and happened to the other guys by Viking towers as well as I found out later. So I ignored / ignore any finger pointing. That is just something you can endure or not.

Thus nobody came to me at that time and said please restore XY. I only got a lot of hate, unthankful behavior and basically a finger on what I am / we are doing.

That can’t be done because some of these “known” bugs are not good for the community and stay in tickets for the Devs to fix. And the result of these known bugs are basically our Rules. There you have it straight away to use them

Because of all that I can’t go ahead and give people stuff because they lost something due a bug. Especially if it happend months ago.

Either way, you are welcome on HWS. Otherwise have fun elsewhere.
A lot is planned for Empyrion this year, we are working with Eleon on it.



I didn’t feel like my question was answered : (

Oh Rex…

Firstly I have not ransomed, Threatened or demanded ANYTHING - I merely ASKED if you would, considering the circumstances, especially at the time you DID say you would make me a deal but did not say anything further on it on what that deal was.

Secondly, you wish to hire professional good staff - Perhaps, if you was professional about things it would lead an example, your reply there is by no means PROFESSIONAL, and being professional also means to be able to take CONSTRUCTIVE feedback off people, regardless of their stance, provided it is constructive - I remember offering you a lot of constructive feedback, to which you took from it what you wanted about everyone being negative and having a go at you, to the point you even rage-quit discord briefly.

Thirdly, I have over 150 games on steam alone, 85% are alphas - I think I can handle Alphas, I just cant handle devs in alphas that go back on their words, (PvP fixes will be coming (Back in 3.0/4.0))

Fourth, Your correct, No one came to you and asked you to restore anything - BUT you did say that you would do something for us due to what had happened - Hence this post - But again, I see you either do not remember what you said or you wish to go back on your words…

Fifth, Just because “Known” bugs stay in tickets for DEVS, if they are known - and used exploititively, IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY AS A SERVER OWNER to ensure FAIR PLAY, for all members of your community - regardless… And your repeated hiding behind, Its an alpha, blame the devs etc is aload of BULLSHIT…

Sixth, You state HWS works with Eleon every season - Perhaps you would rephrase that, every server admin “works” with Eleon, In fact you “REPORT” to eleon, because clearly if you worked with eleon, they would pay more interest to whatever you had to say in regards to the game and bugs, and do more to iron out the issues - After all that is what working together is, its being a team.

And Finally, Rex - Thank you very much for such an immature, unprofessional response, You have just shown me the very reason I left in the first place, You seem to have a raging boner for thinking that anything that is not positive towards you is 100% negative and a personal dig, So go get off your high horse, Have a good long look in the mirror, step away from your keyboard and get some fresh air for a few days and see reality and what the world throws at you, maybe then you will see the difference between constructive criticism and detrimental.

PS, I never expected to get the CV or HV - I was more interested in your response, its called gauging my friend - And I have you well and truly summed up. Good day

Take care.