Constant Lost Connection to Battlefield

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What happened?
=> Randomly but constantly lose connection to battlefield. Usually I am the only player in the battlefield. Happens during fights (scary), just flying, sitting there etc… Random. I have gigabit fiber and i check my firewall logs to find out my internet was stable at the time. Wanted to be sure before i put in a ticket. Have seen other players mention it happening to them in chat also.

Player(s) with issue? (steam name)
=> ZeroCool

Server? (EU or NA or RE EU or RE NA)
=> RE NA

When did it happen? (Use server time: type ingame cb:time)
=> Random times. Most recently twice in 5 minutes around 04:37 Tursday Oct 6 server time

On which Playfield?
=> Random but this time in Roeril

Structure Name(s)?
=> Hercules ship

Structure ID(s) (Open ingame console and type di)?

How can we help you now?
=> Please investigate to see if there is an issue that can be addressed.

sadly these disconnects are very common. especially in the reforged Eden mod. the developers have looked into this many times and still have yet to find an actual permanent fix :frowning:

Unfortunately I also can’t say more.
The main culprits from players the last years were:

  • playing over VPN
  • playing over mobile connection (4G)
  • playing over WLAN
  • playing with a weak internet connection

It’s ok. I totally understand. My connection is gigabit fiber averaging 950+ Mbps up/down yet my latency to this server is often somewhere between 80-110 ms which is strange considering most other games I play/have played my latency is very low <30ms. When I get the lost connection to battlefield, sometimes it recovers but most times it actually kicks me out. If I look in my firewall I can see that I had no loss of throughput in terms of my service connection. I have had this service for 4 years and I can’t remember there ever being one interruption so it has been extremely stable.

My engineer/sysadmin mind tells me maybe it has something to do with process threads because I came in late last season and there weren’t really a lot of players on at a given time like there is now and although it does happen when there are less than 20 players on mostly it happens when there are more than that in game. Maybe the amount of players being fed data stream is having an adverse affect.

I was told the battlefield script stops the enemy attacking if the player is no longer present which gives a little reprieve from worry of losing my ship. I was fighting a nursery and got kicked our 4 times in 10 minutes but I was solo so it was not a disaster lol. I am reluctant to engage in battles with my faction at the moment because my understanding now is that if it happened while another player in the field with me the would keep firing upon my ship and I would likely log back in to a destroyed vessel.

While there isn’t any clear answer to the cause of the disconnects at this time can someone maybe elaborate a little more on the battlefield script aspect? I’d like to understand better how that works so I can know what to expect and perhaps know when to avoid being around other players for safety reasons. Does the script function how I have been told; ie… 1 player in the battlefield; if that player leaves, script stops and enemy stops firing. 2+ players in battlefield, 1 player leaves, script continues and keeps firing upon any ship. Is that the gist of it or is there more to how it works? I’m hoping perhaps if a player leaves that player’s ship is no longer a target regardless of how many others are present.

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with over 9500 hrs in this wonky universe, i found the most common answer to “Why XYZ?” is:

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although a lot of us have noticed lowering gfx settings and putting fps max to 30 helps alleviate a lot of grief.

I turned off vsync and set fps to 30 and I have to say it has been wonderful because since I did that I have not once gotten the teleport bug (infinite loading screen, drop on planet pole or in space etc…) I do still get disconnects though. I will try lowering gfx to see if it helps although my gtx 3090 ti will be bored :slight_smile:

this game heavily leans on client side rendering so anything that boosts performance helps. dynamic structure loading is always a fun time…

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