Constructor ate power, ore - but diddn't produce output

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What happened:
I set my constructor to work last night producing Sathium and Iron ingots, I then logged offf. Logged back in this morning to see around 1500 iron ore gone, and something like 1000-2000 Sath ore gone, but no output. I believe it also consumed a fair chunk of base power as well.


Player(s) with issue:DrMon


Time (cb:time): About 12am this morning, PST time
(Don’t have the cb:time unfortunately, happened overnight…)


Playfield:Federation HQ

Structure Name(s):Pathfinder HQ, Constructor

Structure ID(s):Pathfinder HQ: 209060, Constructor: 279310

How can we help you now:
Could I have the missing output (Preferably), or the input ores and power back.



sadly we can’t restore anything int the constructor (for now).
But do you have maybe a screenshot of what you mean with that it consumed a fair chunk your base?

Hi Jascha,

Thanks for responding.
It didn’t consume my base. It consumed a good chunk of base power.
I.e. It ran the fuel pretty low. My theory was it was still running, but somehow failing to drop the output into the containers. So it ate ore and power, but without result.

Annoying, but bugs will be bugs.
I will learn to trust my constructor again one day!

ah sorry.
Yeah sadly at the moment we have not much.
But we will soon implement the new mod more fully and maybe be able to help even in this instances.

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