Contract For U-H (United Hunters)

Official Contract between RIE (Infinite Empire) And U-H (United Hunters)

1: U-H Shall not fire upon or otherwise hinder the members of RIE. Likewise this applies to any member of RIE. In exchange RIE shall provide U-H with Blue Crystals or Pentaxid whenever they require it. They may also request other resources as required.

2: U-H Shall be willing to render assitance to any member of RIE as required except if:

  • They can remove themselves from the situation
  • They have no way to pay for the service at hand
  • It requires attacking another faction that U-H may otherwise be in good standing with
    Likewise RIE must be willing to provide assitance to any member of U-H except if:
  • It requires attacking a faction which they are otherwise in good standing with
  • The assitance required cannot be possibly achieved
  • The resources required make it too difficult a task

3: When trading the required resources RIE must arrive in a small vehicle unarmed if possible. They shall then land or otherwise approach a member of U-H to complete the transaction.

4: U-H Must give RIE advance notice of any changes in circumstance This can include:

  • Wanting to terminate the deal
  • Changes in payment

5: If a member of U-H attacks another member of RIE or Vice-Versa the member in question is to pay out any resources the other faction demands that they must obtain themselves without assitance.

Official Contract between RIE (Infinite Empire) And U-H (United Hunters)

On behalf of U-H and our Faction Leader Scareb, I accept your terms.
Payment will be negotiated on a case by case basis and i´ll be the contact for any questions or problems.

We are looking forward to a healthy and good relationship.

Greetings your U-H chop chop