Core problem

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

**[color=d0901d]What happened:unable to switch alien core with ac command
**[color=d0901d]Player(s) with issue:Smally
Server: na
**[color=d0901d]Time (cb:time):[1729
Structure Name(s): ba
**Structure ID(s):**17055371
How can we help you now: Switch core to pka message says sever cannot tell who owns base check with admin

Obviously you did not wait long enough after you created the structure. Didn’t we just had that?
I changed it to you. Please wait next time longer

I waited quite awile about 5 min tried several times sorry for the bother

No problem. But after creating a structure wait 5 to 10 minutes and then change the core. Then the system knowss for sure its yours. Sadly we can’t make it faster.