Corrupt Player Structure File?

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**[color=d0901d]What happened: In game structure file appears corrupt

**Player(s) with issue: Dresden


**Time (cb:time): ~04:00-04:30 16/2/19


**Structure Name(s):Rizzo’s Runabout and Buckeye Tailgator

**Structure ID(s):22496959 22582112

**How can we help you now:I have not checked other structures for corruption. Both of these structures are corrupt. They have items from each other copied to them, resized to fit the ship. ie cv parts scaled down to fit sv, and vice versa.

This started with being unable to access control panel of ship while inside it in cockpit. I restarted my game. I could then access control panel, but found parts from other ship hanging on it. I have rebooted several times, verified game files, and I was told that structure files are stored on server. That is the reason for my being so unsure of the time the issue happened.

You may want to log in and look at the ships, it is a very strange sight, at least to me. I will check other structures later to for corruption.

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There was no further ships corrupted after I returned to game play. I later moved another ship and with a newly spawned sv docked. When I exited cockpit of CV it spun, flipped, and flung me away. I was then unable to access control panel on either ship. I deconstructed the sv and then logged out. I am waiting for admin to check this ticket before logging in again.


thanks for the report.
We showed the devs such structures already, but they can’t do much until they know how/when it happens.

I restored both of them again.

They were restored, for a bit. They then reverted back to corrupt. I deconstructed them. TY for your help. You may close this ticket when you wish.

I don’t know if this is a new issue or under the current one. Ship 21563301, either under the name of Oscar or Ore carrier had it’s core disappear. I had just warped into Eden system when I decided to change it’s name, and was unable to access Control Panel. That is part of the issue with the ships you restored. Another ship, 27223801 has same issue. Just spawned it in not long before warping to Eden.

Please let me know if I need to place a new ticket or not. TY

Hey, you can keep this ticket, thank you.

About Ore Carrier:
Did you ad another core later? I just logged in and it looks ok, but I see no core change logs

Also with tiny (I changed the name to “tiny test” to test it) it looks fine to me.
We had these issues before. Not sure what it could be.
You only had the issue on Eden/Eden System? If you log back in, you still have the same issues? (Not that the restart fixed it)

I logged in and tiny test was merged with another ship, thrusters and rcs’ hanging from it. I deconstructed it, and ore carrier still says it has undocked ship. OH, ore carrier is fine now, except I cant move it. Tiny test is not in my list in structure commander.

This has happened on Sanctuary, and in Eden orbit. I will land on eden and check structures there. TY for your help so far!

I relogged and Ore Carrier now is working.

Edit: I landed on Eden with a newly spawned sv, structures on Eden are fine at this point. Only thing I suspect as a cause so far is switching between private and faction ownership of ships with sv docked. That is the only common theme I can find.

Edit: I forgot to answer previous question. No, I did not add another core to ore carrier. I did change from faction to private just prior to this happening. As I recall, I did the same on buckeye tailgator.

OK, thanks a lot for the info.
If you could prove that it always happens with changing the faction (so if you can please try it) then this would be a great help and we would give you a reward! Good observation!
That would be a great help to fix that bug!

I tested switching between private and faction 5 times and was unable to recreate the issue.

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Thanks anyways.
Just keep an eye on it. Maybe you notice something again

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