Countdown to alpha #2

As you all know the alpha was delayed due good reasons.
We all hope for the april now!

What does this mean for HWS?

you already got a sneak preview of our new tool feature: the chatbot.
Type cb:? to get started. Some functions are placeholder and will be added coming week. It is a big advantage for you and us as admins. So please use cb:? in first place.

we prepare the guidelines for the alpha. This means the story / faction guideline.
There will be the Alliance, Lawless, Bounty Hunter, Pirates and Trader. Every role will be needed to keep the universe in balance. So think about it which faction you want to be.

I am already preparing the new galaxies. Can’t spoiler much but it will be difficult and fun at the same time - promise.

So let’s keep the hype train rollin.


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