CPU on "Project eden"

It’s about CV. In the original “Project eden” 4 blocks “CPU Extender T4” give CPU - 10.000.000, and on the server 5 such blocks give CPU - 1.450.000. In the original “Large Auxiliary CPU” gives CPU - 1.000.000, on the server such a block gives CPU - 330.000, in the original the possible maximum CPU - 20.000.000, on the server the possible maximum CPU - 4.7500.000. For turrets CPU consumption is greatly increased from the original. I don’t understand why this is. Why lower the overall CPU and increase the CPU for turrets, wanted to limit the firepower of the ship? Then why such a large limit of turrets (24 pieces)?
Sorry for the bad English (Yandex Translator)

The server runs on the scenario called “Reforged Eden”, which is quite different from “Project Eden”. The server hasn’t edited any of the CPU values from my knowledge.

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Well, but this does not negate the question why so many turrets are allowed, if in fact they cannot be installed? The weight is turned on, the turrets weigh not a little, they need a large size of the ship’s hull, this is still a lot of weight and there is no CPU left for good thrusters. We get a well-armed ship with the speed and maneuverability of a snail.

Limiting the Turrets is to increase the performance, even in RE1.7 they said it will be limited to 12 instead of 24, all the firing when several players on the same field create huge lag, also to limit the ships firepower when facing difficult NPC ships, this is my understanding of course

why do you think they cannot be installed? with aux/quantum cores, you can have over 100 turrets in total…

you have free choice of how many of which turret type you want to place…in vanilla you can place only few of each turrets, if you have enough CPU, every ship has almost the same turret load-out

in Reforged Eden (not Project Eden), you have a choice, if you want a ship with 36 (24+12) laser turrets, go ahead…you have enough CPU for the turrets you want? have fun…you are (mostly) not forced to put turrets that you don’t want/need if you have extra CPU

you do need to choose what you want, a fast ship or well armed ship…or both, if you can afford the extra CPU extenders (aux/quantum cores)…no one forces you to put 100+ turrets on your ship, but you have a option to do it, if you can afford it

if you want to have a very large, all-rounder combat/cargo ship that has hundreds of turrets and move max speed while carrying 500MT of cargo, you should probably play something else, not Reforged Eden scenario

you didn’t understand me, I don’t want to make a cargo death star, for example - I have a drawing of a fairly average ship, such as economy class (only the most necessary, even there is no medicine) there is not a complete set of turrets from the game without mods and thrusters superfluous. its operability from CPU - 3%