Crash report sorry didnt know where else to put this

error.log (32.9 KB)

error.log (36.0 KB)

error.log (36.0 KB)

They have a lot of crash issues right now but here is a recent 6.1 check list.

and this:

For those of you who experience crashes when starting the game (before you get to the main menu), we might have a fix: You need to start Empyrion with a batch file that you can download here:

  • Copy the batch file into the Steam folder where you have installed your game (e.g. D:\Steam\steamapps\common\Empyrion - Galactic Survival) and execute it
  • The batch file starts Empyrion in a mode where Workshop data is loaded only when needed, i.e. when you first enter the New Game menu or the Blueprint Library

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