Crashed, and warning

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What happened:
=> Crashed on binomi systemand i lost my ship (GoBronco), then i created a new one (Rescue), and when i was close home alien turrets destroyed totally; and then i made a new one (NoMercy) and after some warning because i had 3 ships, the game or server take me out of that ship and now is admin faction. someone told me i have to go to the reclycing system and there i could do it, but then a create a new ship (3RD) went to that place and nothing happens… im trying to do it from website and i cant… then server says i have 3 ships, but only ONE exist, so warning starts again and i will lose again that ship (3RD), then help me please to destroy or dessapear another ships that doesnt exist. (i would be nice to recover all the stuff in those ships, but… donno)

Player(s) with issue:
=> LordGiovanny


Time (cb:time):
=> Last night, not sure what time (almost 11pm start my bad lucky)

=> Bonimo system (lost the first one for a disconect and HQ freelancer (my ship destroyed by aliens)

Structure Name(s):
=> GoBronco (first ship - Binomi) Rescue(second HQ freelancer) and No Mercy (taken for admin faction after 3 warnings)

Structure ID(s):
=> GoBronco (6194221) - Rescue (6113176) NoMercy doesnt exist in my profile

How can we help you now:
=> 2 options… 1. destroy those ships from my profile (if is posible to get back my stuff in those ships, would be nice)
2. Delete my profile to start again and get again all that stuff got in the first planets that was lost in the ships.

Thank you so much for help.


did this just happen, before you made this post, or was this problem with Binomi ~ 16 hours ago?

I don’t see any problem with Binomi anymore (fixed earlier today , see here)

Therefore also your ship GoBronco is existing again in Binomi System. Just checked it. But it has now another ID, since I had to respawn every ship.

NoMercy: I put that back to your ownership.

So, all ships are yours again. Just delete them yourself. To make it easy, I warped all 3 ships close to you.
To have more time, create a faction and put one or two of your sv’s to that faction.

If anything happens, like its taken away again or so, just let me know

THAAAAAAANK YOU… all ship was back to me, and i delete them 3 pf them, just keep one… again THANK YOU
btw was the binomi issue 17hrs ago.

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