Creating a Aliance

PKA and SPA have creating a Aliance discord where you can communicate to us if you need help within our aliance.
So Please if you are in an aliance with us please get in touch with us so that we can make this aliance thing work.
seeing now that the faction story line is not at present enforced.

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5DC Hunter Faction are ready to join alliance, but we have a special terms do alliance with your and other factions. Are you interesting to discuss ? :slight_smile:
If yes, send me discord link in pm, for negotiating.

NikolaTesla. You have allaready attacked 1 PKA mamber and several of new PKR players (new people who are just learning the game)
Due to theses actions we are unable to accept you into our allaince
Thanks for trying though :0)

Anyway, for history, please note that Nikola Tesla had tried to propose alliance … :slight_smile:
Thanks for answer

All friendly/Active Guardians please apply PvP’ers and PVE’ers welcome if you want an Alliance not just to not get shot, but to stand with fellow alliance members in their time of need.