Creative Mode and Spawning ships

More of a technicall question.

I have been spawning some ships in Creative to test some things and learnign how to adapt them for cost and some to be able to be used on HWS.

In this example I am trying to spawn in :

When I look at the power usage it shows :
CPU usage of 4.5m
Active Tier 3
Physically see all 4 rows

My question is why does this show such a CPU issue? I can about guarantee that Spanj would not have posted something that was not working.

Creative is not Reforged Eden.
Start the Reforged Eden Scenario and spawn it there.

Steam Workshop::Reforged Eden - Empyrion 1.4 (

ohh snap. Bob asked me if i as in RE Creative the other day when I asked and I went and looked for it today and didnt see it in game so I thought I miss under stood and didnt feel like bothering himn again with dumb questions

The only dumb questions are the ones that are not asked…