Credits there - but they're not

EU server. Yesterday - went to ECC to deposit coins. ‘Tabbed’ to check amount, all looked ok. Went to trade area, looked at for sales, bought nothing and returned to bank area to eb:payin. ‘Tabbed’ - and no amount shown on screen.

Summary: Credits have appeared in HWS connect. Appear in eb:info and here it gets strange - the very 1st time back in game (after a complete exit from egs) and ‘tabbing’, the balance is correctly shown. After ‘esc’ and ‘tabbing’ again - screen changes and balance disappears. Credits are not usable - cant buy up to next OAM level.

Screens: This shows the 1st use of ‘tab’ - note the balance.

Here, we see 2nd access of ‘tab’ - note it now shows ‘credit’ instead of balance and no amount

Next is eb info

Last is attempt to buy up OAM level for cobalt

(And to those laughing. Yes - I’m poor, donations accepted - see account number above)

Credits need to be in EB in order to buy OAM. In the second to last screenshot it tells you you have 61k credits, then the last it tells you you need 138k credits. Have you tried EB:Payin:700000 ?
On an unrelated note, I suggest you not buy the cobalt autominer at this level. Atleast if it is for any purpose other than convenience. You will have a hard time selling enough cobalt to pay for the fuel used running it.

Ah, right you are - was confusing it with the marketplace where credits need to be on the person. While at the bank I didnt try eb:payin because at that point looking at the ‘tab’ screen - it showed blank.

At work, cant try atm.

If that works, it leaves the first problem of the changing ‘tab’ screen. Perhaps then its limited to a gui issue.

Indeed. Looking at it, seems more like a visual glitch. Would be interesting to see if you could replicate it, and if you can, if the credits are still “there”, tested by putting up a sell order, or buying something from market. Or withdrawing from ATM.

The changing screen has been repeatable, yesterday and again this morning when I took the posted screens. It only shows the correct screen the 1st time after a full exit of egs (back to the steam screen). If I only log off server, but not exit egs, it will still show the incorrect screen on the 1st use of ‘tab’ after relogging.

I’ll try getting back to ECC tonight to buy from marketplace. Someone put up a heavily discounted stack of cblock for a poor person to buy?

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