Crime Report Action Process

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I just wanted to start a quick discussion on the process taking action on crime reports, specifically crime reports filed against an entire faction.

Recently 5AP had 26 turret bases deleted because they were underground. I am online a ton and constantly scan the forums, but I did not know that we had underground turrets until someone told me they had been deleted.

Had I known personally that we had underground turrets, I would have happily taken the time to dig them out myself as soon as I knew about them. I am definitely an advocate of fair play and as I have mentioned in chat, if you see any unfair play from any 5AP people (or anyone ideally, but I especially care about us), please file reports. I would just also appreciate being notified somehow if there’s an opportunity to take action on our side beforehand. Maybe for future police reports that are filed against entire factions (where there is no clear single aggressor), if the faction leader can easily be found on the forums, the Police can send them a PM to let them know about the crime, any action they can take to prevent Police action, etc.

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Hi Robob27

The Hws police does take this into consideration. When the original crime report came in i jumped in game and went to gold planet and joined your faction. I told the guys that were on about the report and that although it wasn’t black and white the turrets were infringing the rules. I even showed how they can rectify. I got acknowledgement back that it would be fixed and I let them know I would give them a day.

Now with some factions the owner might not be as active as other players and we do not have the time to make exceptions and wait for Information to be passed on. We say an outcome within 24 hours.

Being apart of a faction all members are advocates and must be relied upon to pass messages on. Within 24 hours I’m sure the message must have been passed on… If not… I’m afraid thats down to bad faction management not the police ;).

I went back just over 24 hours later (as another report was filed about the same thing) different accuser.

No changes had been made. No one gets any exceptions regardless of faction size. We always jump in game and check logs before we action anything (incase people didn’t know) even if your evidence is very convincing we have the tools to make sure there is little doubt.

In future if any large faction is accused it will be the same process. We have updated the rules so it won’t be warning… If we see a law broken we will just act. In this case it was different as I appreciated the rules at times were not specific so wanted to inform the faction before actioning.

How can you say you didn’t know about this if you claim to scan the forums constantly? Before this your faction was accused and found guilty of underground turrets and was given a warning. Im sorry but i don’t believe your statement about not knowing about the turrets. Even Ranthez statement was similar to yours except he admits to the turrets being there and knowing they was there but claims he personally didn’t place them. I feel that as Faction leader you are responsible for your entire faction no matter if you know or don’t know.

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:open_mouth: of course you guys know come on!

There’s a lot of misunderstanding in the posts that followed my original post. Let me address some things here.

That’s 100% fine with me. I wasn’t saying I expected a warning, I just saw on the report that it said we were warned so I thought that was part of the process. If it’s not, that’s entirely fine. Perhaps that will teach people who were doing that that they are just wasting resources.

Just to really drive this one home, I want to be clear that I was not asking for an exception. It seemed like that was the process. If that’s now not the process, again, 100% fine with me. Please, punish cheaters.

You can choose to believe it, not believe it, it 100% doesn’t matter to me. I’m not saying I disagree at all with the action that was taken. The TL;DR of my post is “Hey, I noticed that it looks like we get a warning if turrets are buried? If that’s a thing, could you like, PM that warning or something so I have an opportunity to action it?”. I have been a lot less active in the last 5 days due to a big project at work so I haven’t been able to be as involved as I’d like. I might not have even had time to act on the warning if I had received it, I just simply thought “It would be cool if they sent that in PMs, I think I’ll post that on the forums”.

Obviously someone in my faction knew because Achilles said that he mentioned it to them. If you mean “you guys” as in “someone in your faction” - absolutely, someone knew. I unfortunately didn’t until after the action was taken, which doesn’t even matter because going forward action will just be taken right away. I like this better for 2 reasons:

  • Whoever was doing that will be a lot less likely to do it if it’s just straight up going to get deleted
  • Less people will lose things as a result of someone exploiting an issue with the game

Thanks again for reading.


I also agree with Robob we need something a forum pm anything. Specially when false accusations…

Hmmm, been reading something about, “no evidence no crime.” so i cant see a screenshot or video in this discussion so i guess no crime. :wink: