Crime Report - Not Simon stole from my backpack last night

Crime Reporting
Stick to the template to keep information relevant :slight_smile:

Server: (EU/NA) EU

Type of Offence Committed: (Offensive Language, Grieving, Trader on Trader etc) Backpack Stealing

Time/Date of offence: (Roughly/Date ofc accurate/cb:time) 00:30 GMT

Player/Faction accused: (Offending Faction/Player name) Not Simon

Player Faction reporting: (Your faction/In game Names) Dan

What happened? (The details of the situation) Got killed by a predator, respawned nearby to pick up my stuff with the drone. When I respawned, I saw Not Simon fly his CV over to my backpack and then hop out and steal my stuff. I told him in chat that it was illegal to take backpacks on starter planets but he argued with me.

Why did it happen? (Did you do anything to cause? Are you totally innocent?) He’s a crook!

Evidence: (Screens/Video/logs) See extract from eu-ingame-chat channel on Discord belo. He claims to have given my stuff back but I was afk then disconnected and didn’t see him drop anything near me. If he did, then the drop crates de-spawned while I was asleep, so I lost my stuff anyway.

The outcome: (Our Verdict, within 24 hours-Check back to see this updated and what action was taken)

Dan (00:32)
Hey, Not Simon
Dan (00:32)
You just robbed my backpack
Oz (00:32)
here we go again lol
ODIN_jrv (00:32)
according to oz, Dan, that’s part of the game and you should let people steal all of your stuff
Not Simon (00:33)
yes c:
Oz (00:33)
it is part of the game… but i wouldn’t recommend you let people.
Dan (00:33)
It’s very specifically against the HWS rules
Oz (00:33)
and certainly don’t keep 3 days of your stuff on you… that is just asking for it.
Not Simon (00:33)
oh really
ODIN_jrv (00:33)
i had no choice, oz
Not Simon (00:33)
well it’s happened to me wayy to many times
Owner-Ken (00:33)
Me too
Schuft (00:33)
this server attracts alot of assholes
DerHerrDanGer (00:33)
thats no xcuse simon.
Bugmilk Tea (00:33)
speak softly, and fly in a big guns only CV
Oz (00:33)
i had a hv inside of an hour
Oz (00:34)
lol Tea
ODIN_jrv (00:34)
i didn’t have that luxury
ODIN_jrv (00:34)
lost my loot before i made it out of the start facility
Oz (00:34)
Odin you can place down a base block and a cargo box and boom instant vault
ODIN_jrv (00:34)
found a keycode, entered a door. got shot. pack got looted
Oz (00:34)
put it underground away from drones
ODIN_jrv (00:35)
not if you don’t have any inventory
ODIN_jrv (00:35)
i’ve been stolen from every step of the way every time i get a little
Pocoyo (00:35)
are drone bases attack on ?
Oz (00:35)
you got supplys when you started right?
Oz (00:35)
ODIN_jrv (00:35)
i’m sorry if the 10th time of being robbed got me agitated enough to make a big deal about it
ODIN_jrv (00:36)
i had my supplies robbed!
ODIN_jrv (00:36)
.wayyyyyy before kaze
ODIN_jrv (00:36)
over and over again
Oz (00:36)
put them in a box… protect them…
ODIN_jrv (00:36)
DirtyWelshKilla (00:36)
anyone who of start and need too join an alliance we have open slots
Oz (00:36)
if you can’t build a box in 3 days man this isn’t your game
DerHerrDanGer (00:36)
oz, he was at the start, you know, facility, there was no way to put anything, he was not outside ;
ODIN_jrv (00:36)
i was still in the start facility how do you not understand that?
ODIN_jrv (00:37)
i’ve been playing fine before the patch. all the pricks came out of the woodwork
Oz (00:37)
lol well have fun gf wants to go to the pool
ODIN_jrv (00:37)
tell her i’m busy
Not Simon (00:37)
Theres all your loot Dan
Not Simon (00:37)
I returned your loot
Not Simon (00:37)
Not Simon (00:38)
You’re afk?

Hello @Dan

I checked your report and indeed I see that you got your loot back.
Can you be more precise what is missing exactly?

Well @RexXxuS , I didn’t get my stuff back - Not Simon just says he gave it back to me.
My backpack contained everything from the fa:supplies command plus one heavy armour and three stacks of 30mm ammo

Ok I took care of him.
You got your fa:supply reset for now.

Thank you sir, most appreciated.

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