Critical PvP bug on HWS

The truth is this smells more and more fishy.Theres no big bug glitch or rendering problem as u can see it in the video he stops right over the edge of that moat around the base before crossing, so terrain was redering fine for him.He was cheating over tpps base for a long time loging in and out he just did not expect i was gonna be there the last time he logged in. This will be on the forum very soon i promisse. HWS is almost a private playfield for some old few players around with Rexxus behind. Low characters who like to destroy what others builded just for the fun of it, with out resisntence prefered when they are offline better and with use of cheating all backed up by Rexxus.

WOW dude What you see is not what everyone else sees. This game is a buggy turd.

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@Indica please be careful what you say, insulting someone like that.
We proven over years now that Cheaters are not welcome here in any way. And we banned also trusted longtime players as well as donators. We don’t care about “status” or “loss” if its about exploiting or cheating. We are here for the community, not for a few player. Thats why we also banned him directly until we solved the issue.
And even if rex would have some “loved players” as you say, you forget that I and others are here too. And I have much less contact/attachment to the community, nor do I keep track on who is on whom’s side. I’m gathering facts in the background. So this decision is not based on some feelings. We checked the matter, considered the game status, talked to Eleon about it checked all logs and made the decision. And we can see some clear points here for and against Ranzeth. But we can’t see a cheat-engine or any other hack here. If you just go though this topic and think about it you see that some claims made here are just emotional reactions, but actually not true facts.

Ranzeth got punished for his actions and should learn from it, because what he did was borderline. If this happens again, he will regret it.

We understand that your feelings get hurt if something like that happens, but especially then, you should see it technical and leave emotions out. Since emotions only blurry your vision.
There are many things you should consider before making up your mind… all were mentioned often enough. And keep in mind: Most often both parties do some secret exploiting. I’m not excusing it, but you have to keep it real. If you want us to throw the ban hammer, expect it to hit all sides.


Maybe he had a small rendering problem? Had it my self the other day (reported to rex about it) Sometimes i walked around, and suddenly there was a big square hole that had not rendered yet… After a sec or two, it was gone, and i could move forward…

I am one of those old players on the server, and only help i get is if there is a GAMEBUG that i can`t help my self out of… (like when my cv is locket inside a planet :stuck_out_tongue: )

Chill down and don`t accuse HWS to be any less than any other community in any other game… No server owner like cheaters… Old timer or not.

Edit: didn`t see that Jasha had responded :slight_smile:

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its what happened to us when the red and opg guys glitched inside blocks to be able to destroy our stuff,he should never have continued to do damage but rather get out and report,not continue to abuse the situation,well done rex

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Obvious glitch? How is it obvious? I will admit that I found it odd that I was not being fired upon by enemy turrets, that said there are various reasons why that could be happening.

The only indication that I had that someone was going on was that I was getting lag and the occasional server communication pop up - this is nothing new as far as Empyrion goes.

I regret nothing because as far as I know, I did nothing intentionally wrong. I was playing an Alpha PvP game, saw an opportunity and took it. The vast majority of other PvPers would have done the same.

Your opinion is I knew it was a bug and exploited it, to me the only indication that something glitchy was going on was lag and as we all know that is a common theme on GG.

I sincerely feel I was unjustly punished for a glitch that came through because it is an Alpha game. The only thing I can say, is I hope those guys who knowingly made their bases invincible got punished even more severely since they actually knew they were exploiting something.


Or how about all the instances were all those players have been merging their critical devices inside of armored concrete blocks? Were they punished in anyway?

Let’s just pull intentional and unintentional out of the equation for a moment.


All have bases with blocks clipped inside of them. You have seen pictures and probably seen the bases themselves. GRG and AVE both made their bases invincible with filler dirt.

Yes, what I did caused damage to structures and ruined their gameplay for 20+ minutes. What AVE/GRG did ruined gameplay for other factions for weeks with their unfair advantages.

  1. Bases that float with no structural integrity - That means they cannot be collapsed, that is an unfair advantage and means we cannot properly mount a proper strategy against the base.

  2. The bases were invincible at a distance because we could not see the filler tool that they put up. I know I personally attacked GRG/AVE base plenty of times and didn’t realize that their bases were invincible.

I know several other ACP members also did, as did other factions. Later on, we find out they are invincible, all our time, preparation and resources wasted because we were attacking bases that could literally not be destroyed. What makes things even worse, is we couldn’t even tell at a distance that their was invincible dirt there protecting them! We had to fly within 50 - 200m render range, and get gunned down by GRG base turrets just to see that there was invincible dirt there.

Block Clipping

AVE/Op4/TPP/GRG all have bases that have blocks clipping together overlapping them. The overlapping blocks have double the hp of regular blocks. That by itself is an unfair advantage and an exploit.

Then I showed you pictures of TPP clipping their land claim device inside of an armored concrete block. I don’t think I need to explain why that was an exploit. Who knows what other devices are clipped inside of blocks?

All of these things are exploits.

Yes, I am bringing this up now because I feel I was unjustly punished for something. But, if I am going to be punished for this exploit whether I did it intentionally or not, I would like to know what you are going to do to these factions for their exploits. Afterall, fair is fair, an exploit is an exploit and in the grand scheme of things what they did impacted a lot more people for a longer period of time.

There are a lot of players beyond me that feel that they should be punished for their exploits. So please if you could let all of us know what you will be doing to punish them, we would greatly appreciate it.


Ranzeth is an honorable and fair PVP player, and doesn’t need exploits to destroy his enemies.

What’s happened here is a tragic case of dog-piling from the massively more popular and vocal portion of the community. There was no intentional use of exploits here, ranzeth was simply attacking an enemy target, one that from his perspective was powered off. If ranzeth knew he was exploiting, he would have gone for a larger cluster of bases then the ones he did hit, and would have taken the opportunity to take blueprints/steal stuff or otherwise cause more effective damage then he did.

Everything ranzeth has said is true, I’ve seen these bases myself, and it’s a damn shame nothing has yet been done about the fact that a single alliance is killing off pvp for HWS NA. These people care little for just or fair gameplay, and instantly use any tactical advantage they can over anyone else, even reporting another player and getting them temp banned.

This is unjust punishment for a crime Ranzeth had no idea he was committing. I can think back personally in my own case when I mistakenly killed several people while my game wasn’t working correctly on GG. These things happen, and from the log’s/player’s perspective, it might seem like its intentional, but in all reality, it’s difficult to tell when something’s wrong if your game is being a buggy mess.

I ask only for fair treatment, Rexxxus, as has ranzeth. If he is to be punished for crimes he did not commit, then players who have committed far worse crimes should be punished too.


First warning @Indica for blatant spreading lies, accusations and for me personal insult out there.

@Ranzeth: if you thought that turrets in the hottest hotspot PvP planet out there are turned off, it is more than odd but I totally understand your motives, hence the punishment was for me justified.

Rules are rules

I know you for very long time, you reported exploits and bugs to me and I agree with your first sentence Zackey.
The thing now @Ranzeth and @Zackey_TNT is however that the rule above is very old and known, but the Filler rule and clipping rule is new / escalated badly now. Hence I wrote about that here, you have read it yourself already

Keep this sentence in mind

So the two added new rules, even though blood sticks to them, are effective latest on Friday - Monday.

I’m sure @BigRed, @Dexter168, @Smally and co. are reading my posts if it affects them. If not they have time until tomorrow to clear their stuff up.

For the proof of the clipped Land Claim Device (the only real evidence I got from you recently) they got punished - obviously it falls under our first Rule from above as well.

Playing judge is easier if you aren’t the judge actually or driven by revenge. I just try my best to make it fair for everyone.

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Okay, thank you.

he was doing to for 20 MINS , where in anyones right mind would the base AND all turrets on ALL of thier hvs be turned off in a pvp zone , TPP has been around longer than most factions, so am pretty sure they didnt have anything turned off specially in a major pvp hot zone.

There was 0 TPP online at the time of my initial SV attack. It’s not completely out of the realm of reasoning that they ran out of power. If there was a TPP guy online at the time of the attack and near the base, yeah I would have thought something weird was up. But, there was 0 TPP online at the time of my initial attack, then Op4 showed up, and then it wasn’t until the VERY end that a TPP guy came online.

The part that made me think their turrets weren’t operational was the fact that they blew up my thrusters and generators, but never shot out me or my core. Instead they let my thrusterless and generatorless SV sit there. So I threw my entire backpack into my factory, got out and prepared to die. I didn’t die. So I took advantage of the situation, left, built a base, made explosives and came back and started blowing things up.

No TPP was online during the entire attack, nor while I was putting explosives down. The fact that the base didn’t kill me or my SV when it could have easily is reason enough to not suspect a glitch.

These guys don’t care about fair play, they only care about winning at any cost and rubbing it in other peoples faces. Their toxicity in chat should be a clue to that. They’re going to continue trying to find ways to get rid of you, so my suggestion is to simply record yourself while conducting any pvp, and muting all of them. They are cheaters, and exploiters to the maximum, I wouldn’t bother wasting your breath on them anymore. Just record yourself to cover your own ass for the future and move on from this. They’re not worth your time.

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Not all of them are like that. A lot of us get heated in the moment and can be toxic - I know I have. Right now we are trying to be more or less civil and productive. While I do understand your point, it is not productive right now.


That reply from you clears things up immensely. I had not realized that our side has only recently submitted proof of what we are accusing and therefore my arguments about nothing being done are unjustified.

This kind of respectful conduct on your behalf rexxxus, is why I play here, and it’s why I support this server. Thank you so much for your honest indepth reply. I am glad to see action taken on floating bases/clipping blocks :slight_smile:

Now that this is out of the way, let us resume fair and enjoyable pvp!


See that @Kittiez, even @Ranzeth hates me.

I am universally hated, and I am fine with that.

We ALL get heated in battle, doesn’t matter what size the skirmish, one side or the other gets heated unless you are content with doing a suicide run. I am not an unreasonable one, and I can see both sides to the argument. And I agree about the land claim device clipped in blocks, I had no knowledge of it. Lessons were learned or relearned again on both sides. Ranzeth loves to go in solo after enemy bases, he has for a very long time, and is even prone to go in on a suicide mission. Just happened to come across a bug.


Taco you are my favorite turd from the bunch. I still have respect from Op4 and PKA. It’s just hard when your surrounded by cancer cells. My biggest frustration is PvP is not possible anymore.

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Thanks for your understanding guys!

If all of that got out of the way, let’s see how cool 8.2 will be with DSL and my brand new reworked HWS Config. To be announced soon.

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