Crops not working for me

I built myself a small space base way out in BFE around alliance. No matter what I do can’t I get my plants planted in my new base. I rotate flip flop until it drives me mad lol. Any advice devs?

It may sound like a stupid question. Did you put a proper block for planting ?

Yes. Light blocks spacing the whole shebang is the same as I always do it. Still they wont plant. I flip rotate whatever and I can’t get it to turn blue nor plant.

Can you share an screenshot about this?

I put screen shots of the problem is discord. You will see 2 pics. I actually got it to plant on the side of the block. Both pics are avail there

from the screenshots: do you have 1 free block space between the lamps and the plant?

Yes spacing is correct far as I can see. I have the based spawned on the server. The block I planted on the side is outside in the wide open of the base. I left it planted that way on the server incase you wanted to pop over there and see it for yourself. If I can be of more help let me know.

on the walls do you have flat panels that dont look like they are obstructing but they are?

For that matter. Putting thin walls against big wall can also confuse you in the same way. Even though they use so little space they prevent you from putting things down within the full square.

I had the same problem, had to replant, it happened again, replanted, no problem, weird.