Cross server warp broke

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What happened:
Cross server warp broke while Krole and Dragual from Phoenix Rises used the command for the first time

Player(s) with issue:
=> All items, ship and seems our characters are kinda lost in a weird limbo

=> NA to EU, was our first try doing this

Time (cb:time):
=> wont give us the time of day due to: Sorry but your player is located on another server.

=> Cross server warp on NA

Structure Name(s):

Structure ID(s):

How can we help you now:

Welcome to HWS @Krole

did you read the CSW guide before doing your first CSW jump?

Most importantly, did you login after the CSW to EU and waited up to 3 minutes?

I see you are logged in to HWS NA again??
Never interrupt the CSW process by switching servers because you think it didn’t work

I see you type bunch of stuff in the chat like
20.03.2020 19:30:05 Up Krole csw:back

Please, this feature is one of the most fun, most lucrative but also most advanced one.

You HAVE to read the guide before!

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actually it kicked me to main menu, and said log in now don’t wait. so I did log into the eu server.

you are right now logged in to HWS NA. Wrong server.
Type HWS EU in the lobby and wait. It takes longer. Login only to HWS EU

did you move a bit and then typed “cb:startjobs” in the chat?
Also who was the passenger and who was the pilot? (I see two players in the CSW files)

Is Dragual and you logged in to HWS EU on same time?
The Server needs to process both of you.

Edit: Dragual not even logged in to HWS EU ever.

Well, let me know when you both did follow the CSW process. I’ll check then again to verify all is good or not.

I logged into the eu server, seems I’m not me still though. I’m sure I did something weird to mess it up.

and it seems it all came together finally, cool beans

Im not able to log into the eu server for some reason

Dragual was the passenger
Currently he is on try 3 and still can’t log into the EU server.
I’m in the ship and everything seems good-ish so far.
Thank you Rex.

All fixed now that we both finally know what to do properly.

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