Cross Server Warp Issues @Jascha

It seems I have two different Characters going on
And its wreaking havoc on my CSW experience

My everyday NA server character is LVL 20
My CSW EU server character is LVL 4

I keep getting issues where when I csw my ship goes to one csw zone,
and my player goes to the other csw zone. ( where I last logged out of that
server in the last csw with a different set of gear, different character)
And my ships are all set to public instead of my EU faction.
Also gets set to public when I go back to NA instead of my NA faction.

Not sure whether they are related or not, I have seen another person
have the same issue where their ship goes to a different csw zone,
but did not go public like mine do.

I also see many warp pods being left in the csw zones
which lead me to believe others are having similar issues
and just warping over to get their ship from the other zone.


thanks a lot for the info. Did not hear anything so far.
About the characters: Well most parts of the character stay different, only a few things are transfered like the inventory and the bank account.
How long do you wait after warp? Nothing happens at all? Will try it myself the next days to fix it. sorry for the trouble.

And I guess I see already the warp issue…

Yeah the inventory and the bank account does not seem to transfer for me. At least not every time. I login with the same inventory I logged out of that server with last time I did csw. My ships going public also makes me think something is wrong with my characters. When I first loaded into EU on my first csw. It dropped me in a pod on guardian starter, then warped me to my ship. But sometimes it does not warp me to my ship on the csw, and I will have the old inventory instead of what I was bringing over this time. But everytime my ships will go public. So yeah something is not quite right. Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for your help in trying to figure this out. Like I was telling Rex, bugs aka ‘features’ just seem to find me.

Sorry yeah totally didn’t answer you question there… I usually wait like 30 seconds after csw before logging into the other server.

Thank you, found the bug and squeeeeeezed it :wink:

Keep in mind: You can login to the other server directly. But you need to wait1-2 minutes before he will then warp you and set your inventory. So not much you can do wrong anymore, but you have to wait after login for a short time.


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