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I have two servers on a LAN. They are Public, no passwords. I would like to use the CSW.

I setup the FTP in EAH. Write Tests work fine on both servers. Windows FTP server role installed on both servers for FTP client.

I tried the folder structure one the EAH page ( and another I found on a old HWS thread. IE Incoming: “c:\CSW Incoming” and Outgoing: "/ "

When the server is running, The CSW log shows it is listening at the FTP folder.

The csw:start command in chat doesn’t work as well.I also waited about 6 minutes and tried.

I read about the “CSW Incoming and Outgoing Orbit/Empty Orbit” that may be needed. Although on the EAH page ( Uses “Akua Orbit” in the example. When I try to Generate a CSW Incoming playfield. Server doesn’t start and Log shows: CSW Incoming has unknown playfield type undefined. I have created planets so I am a little familiar with generating random planets. I am not familiar with empty orbits or the “CSW Incoming and Outgoing” orbit.

At this point, I am wondering if a CSW mod is required?

How do I create the “CSW Incoming and Outgoing” orbit (empty orbit) or can I use any orbit?

Is there a config change to a .yaml for CSW?

I would love to have this working on my servers. So everyone would be able to take advantage of my servers. I plan on running them for a while. Nightly backups and trying to keep the uptime to 99%



as a test you can just take any Orbit. You can also set the Incomming Orbit and the Outgoing to the same one.
Better wouls be an empty one (maybe someone else can help you here) of course since they might be warped into a Planet otherwise.

Btw: If you have both Servers connected via File-Access, you don’t need FTP.

What does not work with the Chatbot: What message does he give you if you use CSW:Start:DESTINATION-SERVER (the name of the CSW entry you set)?


I just used some of the Asteroid Orbits for incoming and outgoing. After you mentioned Chatbot. I enabled Chatbot, rebooted. Now everything is working. Thanks so much.