Cross-server warp (Resolved)

I launched a cross-server warp from NA to EU around 21:10 UTC and it seemed to execute normally, but when I logged on EU server there was no ships and character inventory did not get transferred. I then logged on NA server and there was my character with inventory but with no ships.
Please restore the CV [ELT] Patrol and SV [ELT] Pony if possible.
Meanwhile, I’ll try to re-execute warp to transfer the inventory.


oh, yeah, we changed the FTP password and forgot to adjust it for CSW. Sorry.
Will restore your ships and warp you to them asap.


I’m currently warping the char from NA to EU. I think it’s OK to just spawn them on EU.

Warped fine.

since you had multiple ships with these names can you please provide me also the IDs of the missing ones?

Yep, I updated the password. Should work again.

I don’t think I can provide IDs other then by looking at HWS-Connect and guessing (and then I would say 13577100 and 13353199, which are only ships shown on NA with these names). Patrol is actually only one ship, it was cloned only due to CSW. As for Pony… I did have a herd of them, but that ship is not important, if’s just bare cheap blueprint.

To keep the history chronological I needed to restore the Patrol on NA. I moved it to Peacekeeper 2: -50 -2 -3947. You can pick it up there.

OK, thanks. Will take it from there.