Cross Server Warp

Hello support.
I setup multiple dedicated servers with EAH on one machine. Works fine !
Now i want to make a Server Warp from dedi1 to dedi2.
I cant use ftp because i have only one external IPv4.

i tried it with option [noFTP] and cross the input / output directorys, because its always the same machine and volume. There are the csw message for warp, but then the server could not be found.
In then [partner server] i write the external IP and the port for the other server.

Can i do the csw without a ftp connection?

not familiar 100% with the background process of csw myself but have had my share of odd networking puzzles. i imagine ftp is required to transfer files from one server to another. u may want to look into firewall settings and be sure each server has different port numbers for ftp & game if they are running on the same host ip address.

thy for your answer.
You mean ftp is necessary for transfer.
So EAH realize the ftp and a ready-event or a incoming event bring the process forward.
This sounds be logical and simple. But the partner ip is always the same without the port number of the gameserver. When i use ftp i cannot set the portnumber behind the IP :frowning:
This is necessary for the different gameserver.

first and foremost I personally know nothing of how EAH and cross server warp actually handles file transfer and client transfer. my history is connecting oddball servers to oddball softwares and troubleshooting many other communication issues.

from what I know of using the crossover warp here in HWS, I have ascertained that the cross server warp sector itself has snapshots of everything in it that are taken at a specific interval. when the cross server warp command is entered, the player and their ships are kicked immediately and the snapshot is transferred to the other server. this type of process would require a client and file transfer protocol of some type. from your question my guess is it would require the FTP connection. Port forwarding and firewall manipulation may be required on your server and depending on the setup that you have. you may want to look into the network settings of your host to resolve this specific issue. this is all my guess though, just trying to help :wink: