CSW Character Level lowered!

Hi again!

did the CSW warp last night, worked after your guys helped thank you again!! :slight_smile:

Looking at the guide below…I was a level 20 on the EU and now it looks like it has picked up my level 2 Character from the NA server…question is there any way to have this changed so I’m back to level 20?

The discussions I had before seemed to suggest that the NA character would have been overwritten!

your ship has to be set to faction now

Keep in mind: make sure you know with what ID you wanna play with permenantly. If you have independently played on both the NA and on EU, you will need to decide which ID you want to keep. Because if you warp from EU to NA for example the inventory and stats from NA will be overwritten from the EU warp.

Client_170311-213324-53.log (13.7 KB)
Client_170311-222801-71.log (28.6 KB)
Client_170311-195705-07.log (19.9 KB)

sorry forgot the logs ^


Seeing i have no response, i guess its not possible to change my level back!

Sorry to have bothered anyone!

Hey bud, patience is a virtue the admins can get rather busy as they are just a small team based mainly in the EU and 6.0 is fast approaching, there is also alot of support threads open atm you can tag admin too, like this @rexxxus that will help bring the issue to their attention :wink:

Hi Blackvortex

Seeing that posts newer than mine were being responded to makes one think that I had made some enormous blunder and was being ignored lol. But you are right and I will take it on the chin “patience is a virtue” :slight_smile:

And trying that linky thing @Blackvortex :slight_smile:

He sorry, I was gone a few days.
We changed csw so that your character on the other server stays the same as it was.
Jut a few things are taken via CSW: Credits, Reputation, Inventory.
I changed it so that levels will be transfered too next time.
Your level on NA was set to 20 now.


Yeah csw seems to be jascha baby :slight_smile:

Haha just typical though isn’t it jascha soon as you think it’s safe to go on holiday csw rears its disobedient head lol


Hi Jascha

Thanks for your help.