CSW did not work. Character is Tregorn. CV warped to EU server. Character is stuck on NA server

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Hello @Tregorn and welcome to HWS!

so you did a CSW to EU?
Did you find the HWS EU server in your lobby? It takes a while, depending on your ping.
Type “HWS EU” in the MP lobby and wait up to 10 minutes.

Did you login to HWS EU?
If so, did you wait long enough?

Found the EU server however it keeps sending me to the starter planet on EU

That is totally correct.
If you didn’t abort the process at your first login attempt (hopefully!) then just wait.
Or speed the process up with the cb:startjobs command

It’s a powerful feature! So please make sure to read the manual instructions before:

(also available in your Guide > press F1)

If you interrupted the first CSW even though everything was perfect, let me know again.

Been waiting over an hour now. Cant wait 2 hrs for a CSW can you please just put me back on NA server both character and ship TY

oh, well sure, then it got interrupted.
Let me check quick.

Oh wait, you didn’t login to HWS EU mate.

Or you canceled after it asked you for a start planet!

Please login to EU again @Tregorn! You have to start in the Clone Colony to proceed the CSW

Once you are in the clone colony everything will be handled automatically

CSW takes normally 1-2 minutes.

Ask your friends who are doing it on daily basis. Like @MonsterIce for example

TY someone was advising in faction, obviously wont ask them again. I will let Nox know tomorrow he had same issue


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