CSW Fail - Elfias

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======
Hi dear HWS admins :slight_smile: just poped in to see whats new and got kicked in the ass while warping from EU to NA.

What happened: CSW EU to NA failed.
Player(s) with issue: Elfias
Server: EU
Time (cb:time): around 7:20 13.2.
Playfield: CSW to NA
Structure Name(s): SV VWing V10 30402498, CV Warp Minimal
Structure ID(s): 30402498, 30428622
How can we help you now: SV and CV got deleted but didnt appear on NA side. I also lost inventory of character and 10 mils credits in my pocket.
I would like to get both ships back and most of all those 10 mils if possible.
Thank you for help.
As usually I logged back to EU to check if ships are there and then on NA again etc, so if I messed it somehow dont bother too much.

Hey welcome. You missed the new function.

Just login again, move a few meters and wait 1 minute. Its still in the que.

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Thats some new function i missed Jascha :smiley: I moved a bit away on NA, and all appered also somebody put my milions back into my pocket.

Prety handy new function indeed! Thanks a lot im not a beggar again. Say my thanks to mysterious stranger who gave me my credits back.

(of course im joking, i know you do it manualy, jetpacking across the universe, pretending you coded it to be automatic. Thanks for your hard work)

I just miss inventory, nothing major, just some stacks of Ere and Zas. But out of curiosity, did i messed it by logging on different servers to see if ships are on one of them, or this is not working for player inventory at all?

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You have no idea. First I had to drive to the next space station in Germany to get to the CSW Orbit in the first place…

It might be that he started putting your inventory in while you logged off. The new function was designed to wait until the player is really logged in = moved. If you logged out while he filled your inventory that might be the reason. I check it

I sent the inventory to you, but I guess you did not get it or?

Ok so when things goes wrong, move a bit and wait for a stranger, he will/should take care of all the problems. I like it.

I got all awsome stranger

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