CSW failed

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: csw failed

Player(s) with issue: paxxo1985

Server: na to eu

Time (cb:time): 12.40

Playfield: csw

Structure Name(s): interceptor

Structure ID(s): 4433088

How can we help you now: csw from na to eu failed. Ship did not cross server warped and i got no inventory after csw.
I swapped back to na to see if the ship was there but wasnt there anymore. I logged again on eu.

Sorry tool crashed. I restart again
Try again please

in 5 minutes

Ok tool is running again. Just log in and it should be as usual

Logged back. I gained inventory but Still see no ship.

id on america before csw deletion was 4433088 - interceptor

hm I see. Let me try it manual

Ok should be in CSW Orbit now.
sorry :frowning:

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Perfect! Ship reappeared! Ty very much!!!
Best support ever… you are gold guys!

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