CSW Failure 0926

Logged in to try to shuffle some stuff for the impending wipe, tried to csw from SAN to NA, and promptly got marooned by my ship, and losing my inventory. Ship ID : 2397514 (atleast it was when it was on Sanctuary). Ship was factioned, and chatbot confirmed everything was good before activating csw. Fortunately I thought to grab a screenshot of my inventory before warping.

Same problem when my friend warped

Jasha is not answering on Discord
Discord help channel is out of admins (Rex is very very busy)

Hey, sorry. I’ll check it in a few minutes.

Hey as far as I see both of you haven’t been on the destination server for a long time right?
You both got a message that you should wait 60 seconds since he archived your player (he sayd since you had a fresh start… leave escape pod fast… so the message you got the first time you csw’ed)

Just login again and wait 1-2 minutes and all should be fine. (but he will not send you any messages now anymore since they were already send)
after 70 seconds the Warp should go through.

Sorry for that, did not think that the archive of players would cause a csw-beginning again.

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