CSW+ for HWS+ and HWS RE

Hi HWS Community @everyone

HWS+ is making good progress and the goal is to release CSW+ together with it.
CSW+, as some of you know, will give you the option, to cross server warp between HWS+ EU/NA and HWS RE EU/NA.
Enjoying smoothly 2 completely different scenarios where you not only share your progress with (partially) but have even dedicated cross server quests.
I worked for example already on a CSW+ Quest, where you can get Auxiliary Core/ Quantum Tokens on HWS+ and Element Tokens on HWS RE. Bringing these Tokens back to the respective server, gives you the reward then.

With such unique and mind blowing feature, there comes of course also a lot of thoughts and things to keep in mind.
For that I’m asking you to join the Suggestion / Feedback topic I created here and share your thoughts and ideas:

I’m looking forward to realize one big “HWS Metaverse” with massive long term content and fun for you.