CSW Issues after 6.5 Update

so, further CSW issues last night …

I was in EU CSW wtih Akselwp (teammate) and it was his first time jump so I deceided I’d wait in EU while he got sorted. He did his command, hit cb:yes and I was booted from the server too, with the CSW message to log in to SAN NOW. I had not typed anything, moved etc.

so I logged in to SAN to find ONE of my 3 ships there (SV - DXP KOLFSKOT) but NOT my CV (DXP - LIBERATOR) and other SV (DXP - MAUR), so I logged back in to EU and there they were.

I then CSW for real and reunited all 3 ships.(edited)
Akselwp, did not have a problem with his 1 ship

I lost my inventory which contained 3 epics and various other things. If the stuff can be restored, great, if not, no drama. but you need to know about this. I assume you already know about my problems on the way out of SAN yesterday?(edited)

Thanks. Currently Alpha 6.5 build in a new bug which might be hofixed very soon today.
After spawning the structures on the new server, he wipes every structure again that was not touched in one minute. :frowning:
I try to make a hotfix myself by touching those structures via tool until devs make a real fix.

Great stuff Jascha, thanks mate.

Take note that Akselwp typed his command and it jumped ME and 1 of my 3 ships too.

CSW Works again without loosing SVs. So we don’t have to wait for the Game Hotfix

I implemented a touch after spawning the structures, so that the dont get wiped by the game.


Resolved I guess