CSW Issues/Questions/Querys - [SOLVED]

I plan a CSW from EU to NA, but I’m concerned about possible loss of RP as this happened in 3.* and I’m not sure if there are any conditions on keeping the reputation.

You keep rep :slight_smile:


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I see I see… well since you had no ID on the NA server it has some problems with that. Let Jascha know if it is possible.
Gave you the 58 RP back.
The second jump from now on should work…


During the csw from NA to EU my ship Casserole (id=5090101) was set to the wrong faction (DAP instead of ELA).

Don’t know why. If you login I change it to your faction again.
Jascha needs to look into this

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This time warping from EU to NA did not transfer my CV. It’s the same [quote=“Veber, post:8, topic:1734”]
ship Casserole (id=5090101)

Well I chilled infront of the tool and saw what happened…
Still not sure what I think of it.
Basically you did CSW and after ~5 minutes Gogzy did CSW aswell. So you had like 5+3 minutes to login to NA and move straight away since this is stated also in Rule 4.4.
Now your stuff will be of course overwritten if another jumps after you, since we need to empty the orbit so we can move the stuff from FTP to the proper empty playfield.

So only if you lost a lot I would go the restore way.

Ah, I see. So I should login from 2 to 3 minutes after being disconnected.
I just thought that the longer wait is safer because of those transfer processes may take time (as it is recomended to wait 2 minutes before relogging).
Nothing major was lost, so no action is OK.
Thanks for the explanation.