CSW like a boss!

One of the most useful yet terrifying features of HWS is the Cross Server Warp. This is a wonderful option to move between both HWS servers. Yet with any custom modifications there can be issues. Here are a few tips on reducing those happy little accidents from creeping up on you.

In essence the CSW sector is in a constant state of fluctuation so bring minimal ships and loot whenever possible. This zone has snapshots taken about every 60 seconds. When someone initiates the command that player, any faction members, their private ships, and faction ships located in the CSW sector will be transferred to the sister server. It takes a few moments for the server to lock on to your position and attach the snapshot to the current playfield so patience is the key element here.

Before typing the CSW command:
Bring private ships for less complications
Take inventory of ships and loot
Orient your ship by holding O
Turn off the power
Exit the cockpit and float a few meters away
Take a deep breath
Type the command
Keep calm

After typing the CSW command:
Join the sister server
Don’t panic
Pick a direction and move forward
If you are already in or near your ship, DO NOT WARP ANYWHERE!!!
After the CSW prompt appears, you will be snapped back to your ship
Enter the cockpit of any docked ships to redock them
Check inventory
Carry on

The first time is always the scariest. It will seem like you have started a new character and lost everything. But don’t worry, this is normal. You can have different origins and factions on each server if desired. Pick your starting point and start exploring. You will be warped back to the CSW sector once the server is able to lock on to your position. You can then pick or create a faction.

These steps seem to cut down on issues. Keep in mind there is no guarantee of anything. Thankfully the admins are usually quick to respond to the mishaps that can and will happen as Murphy’s Law dictates. This is why it is very important to be as detailed as possible when submitting a support ticket. There is no such thing as “too much information” when troubleshooting issues.


Thanks for posting this Bob, CSW is often overlooked by new players. By cross-erver warping you can:

  1. Vote twice and pick up daily loot twice each day (once for each server). This is the easiest way to increase how much RP you get each day… All the RP and loot will be held by your main character
  2. Play differently, not just different origin- you could join a big alliance on one server and fly solo on the other for example.
  3. Play all pda missions twice for twice the rewards

Note your armour does not transfer- whatever armour you wear on each server is the armour there. When you CSW back you’ll be back in your original armour.


Addon: CYA and bring a set of light armor. Some have picked a starting planet that does not provide armor when doing a CSW and found themselves caught in a pain locker :frowning: