Ok, I have tried to go from the NA server to the EU server, I had removed everything from my fuel tanks, was seated in my cockpit, typed csw:start:EU and then typed CB:Yes, I was logged out of the game, told to look for the EU server and log into it.

When I do, I am logged into the NA server, despite what I have clicked saying HWS EU

What did I do wrong, if anything? and where is my ship? Muchless my stuff?

Edit notes:

Rex has returned to me my CV and SV, with their contents, however my player inventory is still missing. The ingame knowledge data base states that my player inventory would be with me, but it isn’t. I just lost all my fuel, all of my credits.

Could it be that you left a tiny bit of truth out of your information… which cost me and rex again a lot of time to find out…
You did not just warp from NA to EU…

You did CSW twice from NA to EU.

20.07.2017 17:52:01 CSW_Start 0 0 EU # false
20.07.2017 17:57:37 CSW_Start 0 0 EU # true

But you did not go back from EU to NA with your transferred character. Instead you logged in to NA again and did CSW again… with your now empty character. So you overwrote your own character on EU

Next time, please make sure to tell us all information so that it saves us time.

This was no CSW problem.

I gave you your inventory back.