Current HWS situation regarding Performance

Dear HWS Community @everyone
first of all I want to thank all of you for playing on our Home World Server! It’s great to see so many old and new players enjoying their time together.
Then I want to ask for a little bit more patience for HWS+. We are working on it and a lot of progress is coming along the way, so we can hopefully release very soon.

Last but not least though I want to address the performance issues you are experiencing lately especially on HWS RE NA but also on RE EU.
To make it super clear and straight: this** $20 game is running on hardware that cost over $1100 per month** (→
It’s absolutely ridiculous and absurd that we have to fix software incompetence with such expensive hardware.
If you look at the screenshot you maybe get an idea what I mean by that. And that this results in + ~6 help tickets per day recently, because ships and co. get lost due to that, is alarming and burning me out.

Since RE NA got the highest player count in this season, we reach soon the RAM limit there. Currently 256GB won’t be enough, considering RE EU is at 387GB right now.
But before we put even more money in our hand and buy a new, even more expensive RE NA server (with 512GB RAM), let me first escalate it to Eleon and see if they can fix the (most likely) memory leak.
The recent 2 years you can clearly see that it is getting worse and worse and this topic got neglected.
Last season it wasn’t that bad, so go figure the reason what caused it in the last big 1.9.X patch…

Just so you know I am working very hard on that front and while we did already everything we could in terms of CPU affinity, windows and database optimizations, this is just the limit we are at.
A smooth gaming experience is very important to me and the main spirit whatever I touch.
Thanks for your patience and support!