Current taxes are not fair

Why ? Very easy :

For myself and other invincible PVP gods :wink: it is not a big issue, we simply set up our main base somewhere deep in PVP space.

For new players on HWS its a nightmare, imagine someone settling on freelancer HQ. A brave citizen with a base, 2 CV, HV and SV. Now more and more idiotic noobs not able to respect the core limit that the server is showing in phat red letters to them settle on freelancer HQ, crushing the core limit.

1,3 million tax per day for just a small SV is insane ! Super rich players like Wiseman or DaddySTFU ( and all the other guys i shoot down day by day on Golden Globe) can certainly pay that, but not a new player just starting.

If now the first player on the planet is going in his SV to fulfill the daily duties, e.g. going to ECC and back his SV is taxed on reentering freelancer HQ because „his“ SV has crushed the core limit from the server point of view. Thats not fair, better take the structure ID to punish the guys who enter later.

Not fair? Then how about the elite players such as yourself do the decent thing and move? Let the newer players stay on the lower HQ planets.

I remember the good old days when the planet reached max core it crashed and admins wiped it.



I wont coment but ill share what i did.
After server restart i went to forum if theres some good read to ease my waiting. And here we are.

Good read, love it as usuall.

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Since the taxes are affected from your Bank Balance, I don’t see any problem…

Since the latest limit changes Strayom Sector got better, from 230 cores to usually 170 cores.

I am sure there is still enough space for everyone.

And when I see a lot of PVP factions running Bases near the Supergates at PVE areas, the taxes should not change.

Some check could be implemented for play time vs taxes.
Maybe add some major reduction to taxes if playtime is less than x hours or account being less than a week old.

This way new players leaving the system would learn about taxes with more realistic amounts and hopefully reduce the work @RexXxuS& @Jascha have to constantly do reverting new player debts back to 0 from millions after they just left starter.

For example reduce the amount of tax to 10% if account is less than week old, but be much more strict about reseting debts. I understand scaring the **** out of new players with millions of tax is good way to make them understand & avoid taxed zones, but it’s quite alot of (unnecessary) work for you guys :stuck_out_tongue:

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Probably easier and more effective to give all players exactly one free pass on taxes. Instead of it actually deducting the tax amount, a message is sent using the chat message utility so that next time they log on they get a horn and a message saying that they messed up, and it would have cost them x million credits, and will if they do it again. Should be moderately easy to implement a “times taxed” counter per player or faction, and detect a first occurance of tax. Sometimes just the direct confrontation and message can be more effective at getting people to move off their butts than just mystery losing more money than they have ever earned.

Just start switching bases to public. They will know then!

Good Idea, thats happens only once :smiley:

Will be included in next Tool update.

New player will have to pay nothing/less:
< 15 hours on HWS for free
15h - 30h: 50%
>= 30h: 100% as everyone else


Any chance a message can be paired with the event though? Otherwise it is just delaying the inevitable: "Oh I parked there yesterday and didnt get taxed, but now I am? Rage Quit, and leave structure parked at ecc

Yes messages are also send:

Since you are new, your tax of X credits was erased. Be aware that after 15 hours on our server you will pay 50% of the usual tax and after 30 hours 100%!

Since you are new, your tax of X credits was partly erased. Be aware that after 30 hours on our server you will pay 100% of the usual tax!


Might be a better wording here, so make sure they know they wont be charged the moment they reach that many hours.

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We need another tax though for those that park to inconvenience others. With a similar message:

"For parking like a D-bag you have been taxed 200%. You are an unfit parent. Your children will be placed in the custody of Carl’s Jr.

Carl’s Jr., fuck you, I’m eating."


What a sorcery once again :exploding_head:

Come on Jascha, dont be shy, fix that lag finaly, i know you can do it

You might get rewarded well!

If I would fix the lag, everyone would know who I am. I can’t do that. And then noone would ask us to do anything for them anymore. No support tickets, quite forum. No Admin calls… Our lives would be for nothing… I can’t… No I really can’t do that to us. I will leave the lag and bring some more bugs :wink:


They are not bugs. They are unannounced features : )

With 8.2 saying this:
DSL is not a technique that allows to increase the actual build size of bases or vessels (that’s a future topic!), but to reduce the load for structures that you cannot see anyhow! The latter is also the reason why we can now have more than the 255 structures, as it now does not make any difference if you cannot see 250 or 65530 POIs :wink:

Do we need taxes anymore? I mean if the structures do not cause any server load then isnt the need for taxes removed or maybe I am missing something.

There’s still problem if everyone parks around the same spot :slight_smile:
Doesn’t help when everyone wants to be in same place. Game will still have to load thousand ships in one spot next to trade zones & elemental bank

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