CV and SV lost when crossing green "wall" on mogo

  • Server: SAN
  • Time it happened: 22:00 MST 8/1/17
  • Name of the ship(s)/Base: Sig’s War SV - 900562 and Space Miner (CV) - 538359
  • What playfield? – Mogo, donator planet
  • From where to where you warped – Did not warp, the green wall caused the issues
  • What exactly happend. What did you do before?

Last night I had an issue where my SV teleported back from my location and stuck itself into the green loading wall on Mogo (3km from the location I had parked it at). I took my mining CV over to attempt to recover the SV, since I could see the SV but it was too high to reach and cb:getshipdown did not work. Unfortunately while trying to get to the SV, my CV touched the green wall, and it ported my character to the other side. The CV did not move through the wall, and became stuck next to my SV.

After that, I came back there in an HV to continue attempting to recover my stuff. I parked the HV well away from the wall. When I crossed the green wall outside of the HV, the HV disappeared. I figured at that point that I was just making things worse, so I gave up for the night.

When I logged in today, I found the HV suspended in the air at a random location, and the SV/CV were not listed on the faction’s registry. This is on a donator planet, both were class 1, and we are not close to the core limit. In HWS connect, both are set to deleted = True.


Please restore 900562 and 538359 and place them near 3411, -293.


Unrelated and not worthy of its own post – I won the contest for a free EGS ship. Whom should I speak with to take delivery?


Done. Hope it works, otherwise the ships are way beyond bugged.

If you have read the announcement I am waiting for your decision if you want the Archimedes or Lightning Garage ship.

Jascha – Thanks for doing that. If it doesn’t work, I will spawn new ones. I have BPs for both and they aren’t too terribly expensive.

RexXxus – I did read the topic, and it did mention that I would be able to read about the modifications on this post, Elemental Garage Ships which I have been monitoring but did not see that it had updated with new ships. I’ll take a trip out to the EGC and check out the ships in person. I appreciate your response.

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