CV and SV lost


I have lost my CV, the ’ [LCT] MCV Io ’ and the SV ’ [LCT] Escolar ’ to the all powerful, and allmighty lag in the orbit of Prediction.

Approx Coordinates: -3833.0 / -187.8 /- 3198.0.
Date: 08:25 am, 06.09.16
Names: [LCT] MCV Io, [LCT] Escolar

I don’t have their IDs because I never had this problem before so I was caught of guard.
All I did was going into the orbit, fly around for a bit, read the message “Connection To Playfield Lost”,
RELOGGED (Which caused the problem) and used my Charon to fly back to it.

Funny thing was, even though it was still saying “Connection Lost” I was able to fly back to Prediction.

Ok i put them to Peacekeeper 4 5100,5100,5100. You can pick them up there