CV Deleted?

Hi i have lost My CV On Neptune Base. Pretty New and cheap. :wink: no sign of a fight PLENTY of defense around and no holes anywhere its just gone. And no intruders in log.
Last seen today 5 am
Neptune Planet ACM.

Hey. Heard that a few times today. Will check it. But not sure if it was a bug or a strange attack.

Lost a CV in Comet 7 space too - and the weird thing is that our other CV was still sitting there pretty, untouched. Bad thing was that the missing CV took couple SVs too. They were still there last time I logged in yesterday. :expressionless: |

had a few ships of various sizes and purposes, in various locations get deleted as well.

Structure commander showed this info:

Caution - Turret Battery	9040168	HV	Neptune	4084	33	-206	10	34	true
Cargo Box 3	5891037	SV	Neptune	-4051	39	-284	56	814	true
PDEF E	6711526	HV	Neptune	-3810	70	-300	10	34	true
Ordis Green	5891160	HV	Neptune	-3921	3	-242	61	158	true
Ordis Blue	1778027	HV	Neptune	-3913	3	-261	61	158	true
Ordis Red	2242841	HV	Neptune	-3924	3	-235	61	157	true
Meteor Bane	2128004	CV	Neptune	-3978	21	-348	62	700	true
Bengal	225049	SV	Neptune Orbit	#####	######	#####	165	1823	true

Bleeped out location of Bengal SV, as it’s in orbit, rather disclose my hiding spot, but let me know if you want the location.

Of the listed ones, only ones I’d like to get back are the Ordis, Meteor Bane, Bengal and Cargo Box 3

ID #'s

If there were deleted due to inactivity or otherwise I’m told to suck it up, I’m cool with that too, lol

Ty :slight_smile:

Same, have lost about a dozen ships as well, across 3-4 playfields.

:frowning: yeah… we and the devs are on it… its much bigger guys :frowning: and it looks like a bug that the gametime changed during the update and those ships were wiped due to not visited for long time (which is not true)…
But we fix that problem first, then we see what we can/have to do.

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I too have just discovered my c.v and s.v have vanished, I’l keep my eye on this thread to see where this leads…

Rex will make an announcment later. But all the losses last nigth were due to wipe… Stuff people did not visit for over a week. So all good.
About the Neptune loss before 5.1 I will look at. Just to much stuff at the moment… and so much trouble on NA :frowning:

weve had a base before the update and just our core today gone from Neptune.

no sign of player nor battle issues last seen 18 hours ago

Its all fine Jascha no hurry. take the time you need :wink:

i think i’ll keep an eye on this, one of my cv’s vanished from neptune as well :confused:

It wasn’t all stuff that people hadn’t visited. There was an error during the update and it wrongfully said people hadn’t visited structures that they had in fact visited. You might want to look more into it.

Did anyone loose that morning just parts of the base? As if someone cut something out?

Nope base was fine. base under ground CV above not sure if that matters.
There was Other CV close to mine that survived.

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