CV despawned after crash and crossing green wall (freelance outpost EU)

Game crashed for me while leaving orbit leaving my CV stranded, while trying to get my CV back it crossed the green borderwall and got deleted. The CV was not that expensive at all, but it had most of my supplies aswell as alot of materials inside of the containers and constructor.

Docked on the CV was two HVs and an SV.
Ids for the CV is
Capital Vessel (CV) 48128675

Vessels docked on it
Hover Vessel (HV) 48128549 Hoover
Hover Vessel (HV) 48335459 Hoover
Small Vessel (SV) 48335478

The ships block value is not very high, i’m more keen on getting back what was in storage if possible as i was preparing to move out of the starter system.

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Hey 1ndie — you got ID’s thats great – So they are in your STructure Commander still? And tehy show DELETED = True?

Got an idea of what youhad on the ship in terms of cargo?

FYI @ Jascha – This appears to be a GreenWall deletion.

I spawned him a prefab and gave some starter mats to get him back on his feet.

They show Deleted = true correct

Somewhat of an idea what i had in the cargo. About 4-6 stacks of iron ore being processed. 4 stacks of neo ore being processed. About 1.5 stack of air cans. iirc 7 AM cores. Survival constructor.

About 35-45 spoiled food and other food materials in a food processor. 5-7 stacks of silicone ingots. 4-5 stacks of silicon ingots. also about two or so stacks of cobalt ore. Beyond that i don’t think there was much more of value in the cargo-hold.

Numbers might be off, but i’d spent a fair few hours mining on freelancer outpost setting up for making a dedicated CV to base myself out off.

hm ok.But was it deleted instantly? The tool trys it 5 times. Eah time 2-3 minutes waiting. If he then cant move it it will be deleted.
Most often its due to the docked ships.
That should be fixed with Alpha 6.0

It wasn’t deleted instantly, about an hour or so passed before it was deleted. That said, i didn’t loose a major amount of things and i got fairly well compensated by hops so i won’t request a return of the deleted ships.

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