CV disappeared!

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What happened:
=> Hey. My CV with all my belongings just disappeared. I was building a base on Binomi, when my materials went out. So i made my way to ECC EGS HQ to get materials from my OCD. I took a stop at Garage to look at the ships. There i had the first problem when a guy took my ship away and then gave it back to me saying it wasnt set on private. I always check but i apologized and thought i had made a mistake. Then I went back home so my CV being gone and it disappeared from my list too…
idk what happened but my best guess is that somehow both my ships where set to “all”
PLEASE HELP! (if possible)

Player(s) with issue:
=> PrinceOfStrings

=> EU

Time (cb:time):
=> 20:30

=> Binomi Systems/ECC

Structure Name(s):
=> CV_PoS_Bahamut

Structure ID(s):
=> have none cause cant see anymore…

How can we help you now:
=> If my ship still exists, please get it back to me!!!

Please check HWS Connect, and then structure commander :slight_smile: You can find your ID there.

plz log onto HWS connect and show me your dashboard also structure log plz

It isnt in my structure commander list anymore. Its like its gone.
Does that mean someone took advantage of this?..

not sure then, @RexXxuS
he is owner and will investigate issues :wink:

hmm. but you remember me? i am the guy who had the problem with my sv @ garage where mr " i cant type the name" took my ship and gave it back to me then. And i rly rly didnt have my ships on “all”. i just had those two and i always watched that it was on private

yes i remember… @Jascha or @RexXxuS will look into it…
i’m only an ingame helper :wink:

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Hello @Schniadlprinz

the issue was that it got somehow decored, which means it is then set to public.
Eventually a Freighter with turrets came by along the way? Can’t say.
But it got taken by other players then of course (public).

Since you are new I restored it near you now.

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I thank you soooo much!
I thought you are safe in PvE area. mb i guess.

yes PVE is only safe from player damage. don’t get bit by a space bug. i hear u can break out in rage quits :-p

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