CV dissapeared from Peacekeeper W after update

My name is Vlad in game,
It seems that after the new 6.6 or 6.7 update, my CV Halifax (Mia Khalifa, dont have the ID anymore) dissapeared from the Peacekeeper West system where it was parked, full with backup resources. It seems that something changed in the class calculator formula because now the Halifax is a class 6 ship instead of a class 3 as it was before. Probably this was the reason why it got deleted.

Admin, please restore my ship for 1 day, just to recover my resources. I did not know that the class formula was changed. Thank you !


sorry but that ship is gone for 6 days and you did not touch it for 14 days. So it has nothing to do with ship class but you missed the automatic game-wipe time of 9 days (not touched).
I cant get it out of backup since its now 3 days beyond out backup time. Sorry.
You should use the EGS:Save:ID:DAYS (Saves a ship for x days (>=7) from being wiped. Attention! The ship will be deleted ingame and can only be recovered after the amount of days!) function if you are gone for longer.

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