CV drill T2 energy draining

Ok, Not a big deal but just spawned a CV with 6 drills and had to go to work, so forgive me if I’m missing something. Eleon let us have 6 T2 drills at our CV now but they forgot to let us turn them off when not using. 600Kw draining energy all time is not an efficient way of mining imho unless you left your CV in the asteroids belt and use it just for mining. Anybody has a workaround for this, I mean, Other than using an alien core. Again, not a big deal. :slight_smile:

You could tie them to a switch and switch them off completely when they are not used. They won’t draw any power then.
I read that on the empyrion forum.

None of the fixed weapons/drills are switchable. They can’t be turned off. It’s been asked for many times but Eleon seems to want to leave them that way. There may be a reasoning behind it or not.
The only workaround, besides alien core, is to remove them with a multitool when you aren’t using them, sadly.

@THEBIGBOSS adding them to a signal/sensor/switch won’t do anything since they aren’t switchable to begin with. If something can’t normally be turned off in the control panel then it can’t be turned off by signals/switches either.

Yeah, that’s what I thought TwitchyJ. It’s odd cause last time I check the multitool turret can be turned off. It is what it is. Boss, I read that too, I think it’s an old thread. Thanks

Yes, turrets can be turned off. It’s all the fixed weapons and tools that can’t be switched off.

Feel free to post about it in their suggestions section. The more people that speak up about it the more likely it will be changed eventually.

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I wonder if its possible to reduce energy consumption via config

I’m pretty sure it is Sayak. Anyway, I’ve been playing with the Orion (steam workshop) and it was a problem with the device between the keyboard and my seat :smile: After returning from work I’ve turned off the big engines and I’ve reached 400+ minutes mining and around 50 minutes for travelling. It is efficient. Of course if you could turn the drills off it would be better.