CV gone from ECC space

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

Just loged on to fined my cv and sv’s gone
Big Red

ECC Space
HMS Theresa May
ID: 71075
I would like my cv and docked sv’s back please

Sorry it was left ion Blackhole and got wiped.

No it was in the ECC,

It was parked next to Black cats cv in the ECC when I logged off after having problems with it getting stuck in Amona yesterday evening

I see in the post “Ships are gone in ECC please help” by Chaz his cv was restored, that’s the cv I was parked next to as we both had the same issue in Amona yesterday

My point hear is with the problems yesterday with amona system becoming corrupt you returned my cv to Black Hole “not me parking it there ” I came and got it, jumped to ECC as time was late for me and logged off. This morning I have logged on to find my cv missing as did Black cat “chaz” you have returned his cv and I would like mine returned as this is a game glitch and not something I’ve done.