CV; I stealth it and 5 min later poof server deleted it

======= NOTICE FOR HELP =======

What happened: CV Deleted in HomeWorld Space while being Stealthed.
**Player(s) with issue:**TokenBlack
Server: NA
Time (cb:time): 5 min ago
Playfield: HomeWorld Space
**Structure Name(s):**FlatExplore
Structure ID(s): 33077902
How can we help you now: CV full of mats deleted from HomeWorld Space 10 min after being Stealthed

10 min after Putting CV into Stealth mode it gets server deleted above homeworld in Homeworld SPACE not on the planet

Don’t understand your ticket.

You give me an ID of a base on another Planet.
And give me a name of a ship you stealhed.

Please describe again what your problem is and how we should help you.

Rex sorry mate , having some issues atm seems structure commander is showing CV 33077910

as being deleted. EGS says it’s stealth. Faction mate at same time broght a warp sled into Homeworld. So was getting message for that at same time. Not 100% sure CV got deleted, checking

Ok Rex it’s still here. :stuck_out_tongue: Thanks


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