CV in production disappeared

I was building a CV last night and logged off. When I logged in this morning the CV was not in the factory and not available to spawn in my blueprints, but all the resources I used to make it are gone as well.

Also when I open my Console, it says that the Factory prefab file not ok - no product generated.
Is there any way to either get the cv or my resources back to make another one?


did you have in any way a crash? before or after? Did you open your console. Any NullRef Exceptions?
If you send me the factory resource list I can see what I can do.


Not sure what that is, but here is what the Console says.
File does not exist for prefab: C:/Program files (x86)/Steam etc. etc.
Factory prefab file not ok - no product generated
Production failed because factory template was tampered
Found and deleted unmanaged product prefab file: CV_Prefab_Tier1_3

I’ll get a resource list for you shortly

Here is the Resource list:
Iron Ingot = 3860
silicon= 650
copper= 520
cobalt = 500
sathium = 200
neodymium = 70
growing plot = 4

well did you move something in your blueprint directory? In any way?
Was it a workshop blueprint?
Not much we can do about this next time.

As I see your blueprint factory… these are the exact same values you have in there right now.
So don’t know if it is the half of your needed one but I adjusted it a bit to get updated.

Please check your prefab folder etc. There is something not correct.

I didn’t move anything that I know of. I started production and logged out with about 10 minutes left on production, Came back and it was gone. I didn’t realize that the resources would stay in factory when something like that happened.
Also it was a stock blueprint, Tier 1 CV.