CV is unexpectedly deleted

Yesterday I left my CV “Capital Vessel” id=6395003 in HWS Campain orbit. Today I see it as deleted, which is both unexpected and sad as I had a significant (though maybe only for me as a new player) amount of resources stored on it.
I have a suspicion that might resolve the confusion. Is it possible that DecayTime actually affects not structures with less than 10 blocks

but structures with 10 or less blocks? Because my ship had exactly 10 blocks (and yes, it had a core), which I assumed to be sufficient to pass the “non-decaying” check.
I’m asking because either I’m missing some other reason for deletion or there is an error in description which should be corrected.


sorry to hear but who knows how the Devs coded it.

< 10 means 0-9
<= 10 means 0-10

To not trick around just don’t spare with some blocks more to be save.

I’m going to make a clean test then. The less/not greater thing is just so obvious to me that I usually forget that people tend to confuse the two.

So I placed an SV about 10 hours ago which consisted of 10 blocks and it didn’t get deleted. So it seems that the description is correct. But then something else happened… What could it be, I wonder.

Did the 24hour OP ran out and got destroyed? Anything in your Intruder Log?

Not a single entry about this system in the intruder log. Besides, I was under the impression that HWS Campain orbit is a PvE zone.

Ah, sorry, yeah, it is PvE but the orbit + planet get wiped every 24hour. (9AM GMT+2 / 3AM EDT). You missed that maybe? And even after the wipe all drones + POI are up again.

Oh, didn’t know that. So that explains it, thank you.