CV Keeps losing power when offline

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What happened: Since the patch my CV has had 0 fuel and been depowered every time I log in. I fuel it at 8am, log in at 10pm and it’s empty despite it having 67 hours of fuel when I fuel it.
**Player(s) with issue:**Colt
Server: HWS NA
Time (cb:time): Happens multiple times since patch
Playfield: Freelancer Orbit
Structure Name(s): Aniki
Structure ID(s): 20415054
How can we help you now: I honestly don’t know. Having my ship maintain it’s fuel normally is allI want.

Hello @Colt

that is indeed by design.
With the 8.2 patch and DSL, structures keep consuming fuel all the time now if they were on.

Ok, but it says it has 67 hours of use. Yet it’s drained dry in less than 12. So was the UI not updated or what? How do I keep it fueled?

I just got on to do further testing, I was wrong. At 100% fuel it says it has 76:30 time remaining. Yet when I went to bed, when I woke up and got on it was at 0 and my crops had died and my food spoiled. Yet during that same timeframe the base, which my CV is parked right next to, drained the usual amount of fuel. So I think my CV is interacting badly with the changes because it’s chugging fuel faster than anything else I have, and is ignoring the time it says it has.

we don’t have exact logs for fuel consumption but thrusters are in general more hungry than other devices.
The best you can do is map all thrusters to a signal logic (lever) and turn them on / off.

Ok but that’s still not addressing the main issue. It says it has 76 hours of fuel at current consumption. Yet it’s dry in like 10 hours. At that rate even if I turn off the thrusters it still wont have even 24 hours of fuel. So how am I suppose to factor in fuel usage if the UI’s incorrect?

That could be a glitch, yes.
Who knows what happened over night. Maybe wind pushed against your ship and it had to balance the pressure with counter thrust. Maybe some Zirax tried to climp on your ship and it had to activate turrets + thrust, which consumpted energy.
Who knows :wink:
As always: expect bugs and prepare for the worst.

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Ok but what am I suppose to do with a bug that consistently happens? I can’t just have my main base running on 10 hours of fuel maximum. I have a life, I can’t hop on that often to keep it fueled up.It’s drained from 100% to 0% like 3 times since the patch despite 100% fuel saying it’s 76 hours of fuel.

There’s “expecting bugs” and “dealing with a bug that makes the game unplayable”. Two different things.

  1. Turn of everything in your CV which is not needed. Extend it with Fuel Tanks.
  2. Use solar panels on your base for infinite energy. Make use of locations and proper planet positions
  3. Play the Alien Asylum Mission to get an Alien Core. Put it in your structures and all of your problems are gone (I don’t like to point it out, but you can also donate for an Alien Core)
  4. Buy the Valkyrie from HWS Garage. A CV with Solar Panels.

You are one of hundreds of players on HWS. Ask the community please for help, I’m sure they know your situation.

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1: I’ll turn off the few thrusters I had on, but turrets and most thrusters/rcs were already off to begin with since the CV’s stationary.

2: The base isn’t having this issue, the base my CV’s parked next to is going through fuel at a normal rate.

3: I didn’t know about that mission ,I’ll give it a try, thanks.

4: Most I got is 6m, can’t be buying any CV yet.

I’ll try working on some of these to see what happens, maybe they’ll fix my issues.

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Does it really say 60+hours instead of 60+minutes? Turn off possible mining turrets, repair machine, thrusters, rcs, and if in pve turrets too. You can allways make more fuel tanks to make the time longer.

My only question is, why is this an issue? Turn the damn thing off and move your crops to your base. Nobody needs a flying garden. I haven’t seen an issue yet where Walmart truck ran out of gas and the tomato plants died…

had an issue today… not things dying, but base out of power, and no progression at the constructors at all… Earlier i had no problem running 4 furnaces over night.

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