CV lost. help - moved

I have a problem.
I was excited about my first CV, so I warped out from PvE planet to PvP planet.
I landed with it, got my SV to explore and got fired, I lost everything.
A pirate supported me later in the space when I was trying to escape, he gave me fusion cell fuel and some advices.
The main problem is that I can warp to other PvP planets but can’t warp back to Freestarter (PvE) planet. I have enough fuel for the Warp drive (full of Pentaxid) and the Fuel Tanks with the fusion cells which the pirate gave me.
How do I warp back to PvE? I don’t know in which direction it is, I can only see other planets from the orbit I am in but can’t distinguish which one is the Freestarter one.
Lock target bottom is grey with it.
Please, I don’t want to lose my CV it costed a lot of work.

You posted in a completely wrong category. Just for your information.

Its a one way street. You cant get back to the starter planet.

Ok thanks, and excuses.

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