Cv mkssing fuaed to sv?

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What happened:
=> i logged on yesterday and my cv had gone frome binomi though parts of it remain attached to my sv. (turrets and hanger doors)

Player(s) with issue:
=> teh mashby

Time (cb:time):
=> unknown, i logged on yesterday for the first time in around a week

=> binomi

Structure Name(s):
=> hammerhead.

Structure ID(s):
=> unknown its not in my registry anymore

How can we help you now:
=> tell me whats happened please if not some blocks would be nice, it took me a week to build everything for that ship.

Side note

It seemed bugged from. The begining. When spawned the warp drive was replaced with a single combat steel block floating in the centre. And parts started fusing to the sv after my first fight. Also it kept making itself public.


sorry to hear. Just one note: Please make sure the name is correct if you don’t have the ID anymore. Even a little space between hammer and head could mislead our search… :wink:

So after I found the right one:
Its a gain one of those public bugs… Therefore it was taken and destroyed.

Sadly since its over a week ago and the last state of the ship is not the same, I have no possibility to restore it :frowning:

I can give you some combatsteel blocks if you need them tto help you start building another one. You can allso use the blocks to help speed up factory process if you took blueprint from the ship.

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