CV Multiturret = junk!

Why, WHY did they nerf the damn MT turret to space only???

Now its usefulness will be horribly limited, if not relegated to one thing that will most often NOT be used. The possibilities for using this could have been endless on PLANET, but in space? Might as well remove it altogether IMO, it wont often be used now…

It’s like putting tree deco and radars, or capacitors and antenna on a PVP CV, pointless!

Dont be so rude against Agatha, my potted plant. She is the only loyal person on my battleship!


Could it be because well I dont know CV is almost useless on planet as it should be. I have a feeling that some day that massive CV you have will NOT be permitted on planets. Someday Size will Matter. Besides the Drill does not work either so it makes perfect sense. I am sure the HV is plenty sufficient. Cant imagine that my big CV with the mutl turret on it would be much use on planet. Seems the ship would just get in the way. LMAO.

Not all CVs are defined with PvP solely in mind. I have several different designs for different purposes, some PvP, some as a mobile base, bare basic sleds, and utility CVs that this would fall under. I don’t care to use the CV drill turret because it is far slower than just using an HV on planet. With that said, what loss is there to be had using the MT turret on planet? It’s not like there is an advantage or disadvantage to be had. Can you use your drone? Well yes, but that’s only on a 50m tether which I pass too damn frequently.

It’s akin to getting a vasectomy and walking away with the Bobbit special instead. Wtf is the point?

Ya it would be sweet to use it on planet i jus built cv w multitool turret to multi my ship gotta take apart in space now i guess

It used to be like this… And then they changed it

I’m trying to figure out which CV he is referring to. The Xwing or the ring? Maybe it’s my sled.