CV plus HV & SV fallen apart!

Just entered Trader Planet from trip to the moon, lost graphics of planet and ended up on the ground, what is left of the CV and other ships are part buried in the ground!Client_170305-202703-27.log (19.5 KB)

Missing info ship id’s, name, NA or EU

that one for you Rex :wink:


lol sorry, was late last night with a 5:30 start this morning!!! Was on the EU server, ship names i’ll have to check when I’m back later, I know the SV was called Tiger not sure on the HV and CV!

Another question, I might want to cross server jump back to the NA server this week, can you cancel my JackSwift char on the NA please?

Many thanks for coming back so quick.


Pretty sure the csw will overwrite the character on the destination server.

OK both the HV and cv did not have a name. the id’s are as follows:
Hover Vessel (HV) Structure ID: 8510180
Capital Vessel (CV) Structure ID 29057295
Small Vessel (SV) Structure ID: 28872307 (Tiger)
NA server!


Depends which way you do it :wink: if you’ve played on both servers say lvl 20 on EU and lvl 3 on NA then you do csw from EU to NA the char doing the CSW will over write the existing char in that server. Or that’s how it used to work haha

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“Dats what I said! Booty traps!”

Thanks i’m sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Just looking at my last post. not the NA server. that will teach me for trying to sort this out from work!!! doh

the ships are def on the EU server!!

Hi Raven

I guess i’m waiting for Rex to look at the post?



Not sure if this was you guys doing, but from the screen shoot you can see i have found my ships:grin:

I did look last night, so can only guess i had some higher help!!! :innocent:

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